A timeline of our history

Masan is the abbreviation of Manh and Sang which are Vietnamese words for Strong and Shining. Masan was established to realize an aspiration of a Vietnamese strong and shining company.

Masan Group Corporation was incorporated in November 2004 under the name Ma San Shipping Corporation. We officially changed our name to Ma San Group Corporation in August 2009 and were successfully listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange on 5 November 2009. Our name was formally changed to Masan Group Corporation in July 2015 in order to be consistent with our corporate brand and practice. While the listed entity was formally incorporated in 2004, Masan, through our majority shareholder and our underlying operating businesses and their predecessor companies, has been in existence as a business group for 23 years.

We are a holding company, with controlling stakes in Masan Consumer Holdings (“MCH”), Masan MEATLife (“MML”), and Masan Resources (“MSR”), representing an economic interest of 85.71%, 80.82% and 95.9%, respectively, as of 31 December 2018. Our ownership percentage of Techcombank’s charter capital is 20% as of 31 December 2018.
Thriving for a
better life

Dec 2018

Masan MEATLife successfully launched its branded fresh and chilled meat platform, “MEATDeli”.

Oct 2018

SK Group invested approximately US$470 million to become the Company’s largest foreign shareholder.

Aug 2018

Nui Phao Mining acquired the remaining 49% stake in the joint venture company Nui Phao - H.C. Starck Tungsten Chemicals Manufacturing from H.C. Starck for total cash consideration of US$29.1 million. The joint venture company after the transaction is now a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Masan Resources and has been renamed Masan Tungsten LLC.

Jun 2018

Jinju Ham acquired a 25% stake in Saigon Nutri Food, which was then renamed Masan Jinju.

Feb 2018

Masan MEATLife held a groundbreaking ceremony of its meat processing complex in Ha Nam province.

Jan 2018

PENM Partners invested US$16 million to acquire secondary shares representing a 0.8% equity stake in Masan MEATLife Corporation from Masan Group.