Masan Way

Driving market leadership with best-in-class operating platforms.

Sustainable growth can only be achieved through building best-in-class systems and operating platforms. When we enter a sector, we develop a bespoke strategy and repeatable models to drive market leadership in each business line. This enables us to invest continually in best-in-class operating platforms. Over the past several years, we have invested in power brands, innovation, distribution networks, production facilities and most importantly, talent.


To be Vietnam’s pride by uplifting the material and spiritual lives of Vietnamese consumers

The Masan Way
Our Approach to Transformation

With strong brand equity, we have transformed our branded food and beverage and meat platforms to become market leaders across the categories they operate in. Our approach to organically develop or acquire power brands which are trusted by consumers is in line with our belief of focusing on the consumers’ daily basic needs.

We have the largest and deepest distribution network in Vietnam with the ability to reach Vietnamese consumers quickly and effectively. This is critical as up to 70% of Vietnam’s population is still rural and relies on general trade. While modern trade is currently not the dominant channel for retail sales, it is expected to grow rapidly, driving our decision to acquire VinCommerce in 2019 and providing a steppingstone for Masan to develop an omni-channel retail presence in Vietnam, an O2O “Consumer Tech” platform that will enable us to not only sell products and services, but create consumers experiences to drive loyalty and mindshare.

While the aforementioned components of the Masan Way are still very relevant to building a winning business in Vietnam where many basic needs are still unmet and inefficiency abounds, Masan has spent many years preparing for the future. In the early stages of Vietnam’s modern economic development, consumers were simply interested in basic products due to poverty and scarcity. Whoever could manufacture such products became the winner. As these products were produced in larger quantities, companies that could make their products widely available were able to win. Afterwards, trusted brands and innovations became key differentiators to achieving success.

Masan’s track record of building market leading brands would not have been possible without real innovations that can deliver benefits to our consumers. Innovation not only underpins our efforts to enable consumers to pay less for their daily basic needs, but also drives the development of new solutions and benefits to drive the premiumization of our categories.

We have built and operate 29 state-of-the art production and processing facilities in Vietnam that can be recognized as best-in-class not only in Vietnam, but globally. Through economies of scale, we aim to drive productivity that can enable us to meet the daily basic needs of consumers at more affordable price points


To provide quality products and services for Vietnam people, enabling them to get more value for money on their daily basic needs