Masan Leadership

Keep going with entrepreneurship
Keep going as an entrepreneur

Masan people

Core Values

We are all clearly about the path we take.

Every Masaner is the leader of their own responsibility area, so that they have to make their own decision for the company in these area.

Every Masaner toward reaching their final result.

Develop the ability of each person, remove all barriers within the organization to help each individual and the whole team accomplish its goals.

We take personal responsibility to achieve business and organizational development goals.

We procced like employer and we use company’s money as our own money.

We want to be and be recognized as the most successful consumer company in Vietnam by 2022

We always aim for the best, highest results in every specific job we do.

Our strength is perseverance until success.

We only do good things recognized by society.

We are honest and frank with each other.

We base on real data to make suggestions and recommendations.

We don’t accept corruptions at any level.

Any employee will do the job better when they are trusted.

We respect colleagues, partners, consumers and behave equally with all.

We trust in the abilities and intentions of others.

Masan’s Principles


We respect the individual


Company and employee interest are in-separate


We put effort in creating value strategically


Breakthrough is the foundation of success


United we fight the battle outside


Always learn to become the best


We believe in power of togetherness

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by shareholders to oversee the activities of the Company. Members of the Board of Directors meet regularly to discuss the strategic decisions raised by the Management Board. Details on the responsibilities of the Board are presented in the Board of Directors section.

Dr. Nguyen Dang Quang

Chairman / CEO of Masan Group

In addition, he is the Chairman of Masan Corporation, a board member of Masan Consumer and Masan Resources, Chairman of the Members’ Council of Nui Phao Mining Company and First Vice Chairman of the Board at Techcombank.

Mr. Nguyen Thieu Nam

BOD Member / Deputy CEO

He has previously held senior executive roles at our subsidiary and affiliated companies such as Masan Consumer and Techcombank. He also serves as Chairman of Masan Property Corporation, board member of Quang Ninh Mineral Water, board member of Masan Corporation, Baltic Titan Corporation, Masan Resources and member of Masan Brewery’s Members’ Council.

Mr. Michael Hung Nguyen

Phó Tổng Giám đốc và Giám đốc Tài chính

He is responsible for finance and Masan Group’s overall risk management platform. He has built the Company’s transaction and business execution platform to support the Company’s subsidiaries and the Company’s growth in new sectors.

Mr. Nguyen Bich Ha Nguyen

Executive Vice President

He is a senior executive responsible for our local execution efforts and key relationships. He has raised local project finance for Masan Resources and plays a leading role in de-risking the Nui Phao mining project post-acquisition.

Ms. Doan Thi My Duyen

Chief Accountant

She is responsible for our financial reporting, announcement and managing the financials of our businesses. She is also responsible for our IFRS initiative.